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It was believed that to have a successful career, one must Study hard at School, Enter a good University and Graduate with good Grades. This old ideology for a successful career, where formal education was the main ingredient, no longer works. By the time students receive their bachelor’s or master’s degree, it is very possible that their
profession will have become irrelevant. Also, there may be a problem of skills mismatch—where the skills do not meet the demand of the employer or society even with a university education.

The old recipe for a successful career, where formal education was the main ingredient, no longer works. It is time to search for new ways.
People therefore need to learn:
•Essential life skills
•Systems that are adaptable to new market
•Personal qualities
That is why it is no longer so important whether you studied at university at all or how many degrees you have. What really matters is whether you have the skills (Supply) that can meet the demands of the modern market.


Building and developing a career today is like developing an enterprise. There is too much information around us, which means that one can never have enough of it. The world is a dynamic place which means we constantly need to adapt and Continuous learning is the key to adaptation which include the need to master skills that will help you expand your horizons, get new perspectives and opportunities. These are skills and knowledge will:
▶ allow you to adapt to constantly changing conditions, such as creativity and entrepreneurial skills
▶ help you simplify complex systems, such as design skills, systems, and design thinking
▶ allow you adapt to communication technologies: for example, research skills and the ability to process information, digital skills, media literacy.

The development of new skills should be approached systematically.

Step 1: Chart your future path. What do you want to be? Then Make a list of skills that you need and want to learn.

Step 2: Determine what is important to you at that time. Is it personal or professional? Usually, each skill helps you to solve one of these objectives. Determine which skills help you progress in the direction that matters to you most.

Step 3: Assess how easy it would be to learn the skill that you are interested in—you may have an aptitude for this particular task or there may be a huge discount on courses that you have been thinking about taking for a long time?

Perhaps your friends or colleagues are already doing whatever it is you are interested in and will help you take your first steps in this new undertaking.

Step 4: Determine if you have enough resources (time, energy and money) to learn something new.
It is better to learn gradually but regularly, rather than rarely, but trying to absorb huge chunks of information that you simply can’t comprehend altogether.


Investing in yourself is one of the most profitable decisions you will ever make. After all, a personal resource will never depreciate. Your skills, experience, and knowledge cannot be stolen or used in any way other than to your advantage. When you have your own self-education system, it automatically helps increase your learning speed and the volume of information you can absorb.
Your personal development must be systematic for it to be effective. You need to determine your learning strategy in advance. 

Formal education will enable you to secure a paycheck, self-education will make you a fortune —Eric Worre

Self education is at the heart of what Tongston promotes. Infact, Tongston’s education services are built on the following pillars:
– Lifelong Learning
– Story-driven Project based Learning (the story being yours)
– Experiential Learning
– Personalized / Self-driven Learning
– Entrepreneurial Thinking-based Learning (delivering learning to enable you become valuable, influential and profitable)
The Tongston Entrepreneurial Education Course (TIEEC) provides a platform to achieve just this!
With TIEEC, Educators, Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Students achieve increased value, influence & profit in their profession, business or academics.
TIEEC leads to increased business knowledge, increased income, enhanced recognition, mindset change, better learning outcomes & performance of students (for educators), improvement in academic, soft, work, 21st century & technical skills & career change.


● Gain soft, academic, 21st century, work skills to become a more effective & impactful
educator, entrepreneur, professional or student
● Builds capacity of participants to start/scale businesses & increase business value
● Increased income & positive career change
● Better student performance and improved educator classroom delivery, for educators
● Enables you to think, create and sell your ideas
● Access world-class global network of entrepreneurial thinkers
● Fosters collaborative learning and accelerates personal growth
● Access Tongston’s products & services in media, finance & enterprise e.g. funding for MSMEs, Entrepreneurial CV & pitch deck clinic, personal branding, entrepreneurial hub services
● Opportunities to pitch yourself/your businesses during TEES 2023 to a global audience in 54 countries
● Experiential and live Synchronous Learning Sign up today.

At Tongston, we build valuable, profitable and influential people, governments, businesses & non-profits.
How? Check out one of Tongston’s products and services range from
● Entrepreneurial education for primary, secondary, tertiary, and post-tertiary levels through Tongston Institute and College;
● Business development, advisory, capital and asset management through Tongston Ventures;
● Access to multimedia services through Tongston Media; and
● Technology, data, research, accounting, treasury, legal, governance, strategy, HR and administration services through the parent company, Tongston Holdings.
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